In a world mostly reminiscent of Regency Era Europe, but where people can already enjoy snacks such as cheese puffs and nacho cheese tortilla chips, Lady Camembert, a woman not too keen on getting a husband, decides to start living as a man after the death of her father. According to inheritance laws, as an unmarried woman she would not be able to inherit her family’s fortune and would be facing destitution if she did not do so. She moves to Fondue, the capital of the Kingdom of Fromage, in order to start her life anew somewhere no one would discover her secret. All was going well until she met the Crown Princess Brie and the two fell madly in love!

Princess Brie, who doesn’t know Camembert is a girl, believes “he” is only refraining from proposing due to “his” lower social rank – a Count is not fit to propose to a Princess! In a bold move, Brie decides to be the one to propose over a meal of delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Her plans change, however, when she finally sees through Camembert’s disguise and finds out the truth!

Caught up in the shock of her discovery, Princess Brie distances herself from Camembert and starts considering accepting the Duke of Brussel Sprout’s marriage proposal instead. While Camembert falls into a spiral of self-pity fueled by cheesy snacks, Princess Brie slowly realizes she loves Camembert no matter her gender. After many a misunderstanding, all comes to a heed at the Royal Birthday Ball Princess Brie is throwing, where it is rumored The Duke of Brussel Sprouts will finally propose!

Will Brie & Camembert’s love prevail? Find out in The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!